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Arts & Life

affleck argo move premier

Applause due for Affleck's ‘Argo’

The suspense built in the few final scenes of Ben Affleck’s latest project, and surefire multiple Academy Award nominee, “Argo,” is comparable to the anxiety felt in a dentist’s office awaiting a root canal. Full story




Women’s soccer qualifies for the Big East tournament

One second. That’s how much time was left in double overtime of Saturday night’s Connecticut-Providence women’s soccer game. And that was how much time was left on the scoreboard as Linda Ruutu’s goal for the Huskies sent DePaul women’s soccer to the Big East tournament. Full story


Nation & World

vp debate

The varying role of the vice-president

As the public profiles of the presidential candidates grow in magnitude with each passing week, another huge component of the race cannot be forgotten: the vice presidency. Full story



sassy big bird costume

Get in the spirit with these halloween costume ideas

For Halloween 2012, old and new reality TV favorites, blockbuster movie franchises and the presidential election are among the most popular costume category ideas. Whether you’re planning to stand out solo or gather with a group of friends to reinforce a look with multiple characters, dressing up is a sure-fire way to get involved in the Halloween spirit. Full story



erik black and white photo

Erik Svendson healed through musical expression

Like many sixteen-year-olds, Erik Svendson felt insecure and extremely self conscious, particularly around girls. Lack of physical activity and eating too much left him slightly overweight and socially anxious. For years Svendson kept to himself, bottling up his insecurities. Full story