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July 2012

May 2012

  • NBA Eligibility Rule Keeping Young Talent Out

    The NBA has been under scrutiny about age requirements to enter the league more than the other three professional sports. However, players forfeiting their college career early and pursuing their dream of playing in the NBA is ultimately a rational decision, regardless of the outcome.

  • Bryce Harper: A Breath of Fresh Air

    He is “a so-called 19-year-old phenom,” according to legendary baseball announcer Vin Scully. This “phenom” in question is Bryce Harper, who was called up to the Major Leagues last weekend by the Washington Nationals and is someone a superstar-barren league desperately needs.

  • Respect Your Elders Like George Mikan

    Imagine modern New York Yankees fans not knowing about Babe Ruth. Seems impossible, right? Now imagine DePaul students do not know about a DePaul men’s basketball player who was named the best player of the first half-century, was a two-time NCAA Player of the Year, and led their school to a national championship. Oh wait, they don’t.

  • Injuries to Chicago Sports Superstars Nothing to Cry About

    With the Chicago Bulls now two weeks fully removed from the playoffs, fans are still talking about Derrick Rose’s ACL tear and Joakim Noah’s ankle injury while mumbling under their breath that this was “our year.” In general, the city of Chicago has had to deal with major injuries in other sports like with the Bears’ Jay Cutler and Matt Forte’s season-ending injuries. Get over it.

  • Sports Still Not Color Blind

    Of the many topics that can come up in conversation to get people riled up, sports and race have to be up there as two of the biggest. Those two topics on their own can cause massive conflict. But when you combine them, the discussion is almost guaranteed to cause verbal riots. And if you ever take a peek at the comment sections of articles and blogs, it is much of the same. The latest cause of racial tension in sports came when Joel Ward, a right winger for the Washington Capitals who just so happened to be black, scored the game and series-winning goal to defeat the Boston Bruins.

April 2012

  • Get Off the Blackhawks Bandwagon

    You finally made it. After seeing all the preseason games, after watching your favorite team rise and fall, seeing them at their best and worst… it's finally playoff time. Yet, the “Go Hawks Go” cheers that were once sung by the proud few are now, at this point in the season, sung by the masses. They are now sung by bored Bulls fans when there are no games on, by play it safe hockey fans who don’t want to stay faithful for the longevity of the regular season and by the Kane and Sharp puck bunny following. They are sung by those who shunned the NHL’s existence until 2010, when the Blackhawks conveniently won the Stanley Cup. They are sung by those with the dreaded title: bandwagon hoppers.

  • Taking the Long Way 'Home'

    This week has been all about a strategic plan draft released by the university that included a vague line in the section regarding property growth, infrastructure, facilities and development. One of the objectives listed was: “Seek opportunities to bring men’s basketball back into the city.” Everyone has pretty much grabbed hold of this and run with it. Hold on. It ain't happenin' by 2018 or anytime soon.

March 2012

  • Rebuilding DePaul Men's Basketball A Slow Process - But Improvement Is There

    Rebuilding is often a slow, gradual process. Teams will enjoy long runs of success, then plummet to the bottom of the barrel, losing players to free agency, having trades go awry, or, in the case of college sports, simply seeing talent depart for greener pastures. The DePaul men's basketball team is rebuilding.

  • Downtrodden Demons Do It Again

    DePaul extended its losing streak to nine games with a loss at West Virginia Tuesday night. To make matters worse, the Demons have lost 14 of their last 15 and are winless since defeating Rutgers on Jan. 25. Even worse, the Demons could have, and probably should have, entered Morgantown on a three-game win streak had they been able to win their three prior contests —all close games —against Louisville, St. John's, and Providence.

February 2012

  • Define 'Home Game'

    If perception is reality, then DePaul University athletics, its fans, students, alumni, and anyone else involved in supporting the program have some serious soul-searching to do.

  • Linsanity

    With the New York Knicks and Toronto Raptors tied at 87, Jeremy Lin looked back at his coach and asked for an isolation play. Time ticking down, Lin dribbled forward, sized up his defender and confidently fired a three-pointer. Knicks win, 90-87. In just his first six starts, Lin became one of sports' great success stories, and certainly one of the NBA's most inspiring accounts in recent memory. Yet it is impossible to talk about Jeremy Lin without discussing race.

  • Sibling Rivalry

    When DePaul takes the court at Allstate Arena on Monday night against Marquette, it is almost as if they will be looking up at their more successful older brother.

January 2012

  • Men Break Bad Habits with Rutgers Victory

    Can one win validate a season? Not really, but it can give hope when it seemed to be dwindling. But, the win over Pitt doesn't quite look as big as it did that night, as the Panthers have lost eight of their last nine games before this past weekend and sit tied for last place in the Big East. Yes that last place, a spot that has normally been reserved for the Blue Demons in years past.

December 2011

November 2011

  • JoePa fired by Penn State

    Joe Paterno is gone. On November 9th, 2011, The winningest football coach in FBS history was fired from Penn State University due to what was terrible handling of the Jerry Sandusky rape allegations.

  • Joe Paterno's retirement necessary

    In the wake of charges against former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky of child molestation, Penn State coach Joe Paterno, college football's winningest coach, is retiring. It was absolutely necessary.

October 2011

  • TCU Exit Adds to Big East Drama

    When Syracuse and Pitt left the Big East for greener end zones there was one shiny bright spot for the conference approaching in the distance. It was the armor of Texas Christian University, a program poised to be the princely knight that saved the Big East's football program from almost certain distress. Well, it turns out the princely knight really is just a horned frog.

September 2011

  • Money Talks: Revenue Prompts Big East Realignment

    Recently, the Big East Conference underwent a bit of a shakeup, losing both the University of Pittsburgh and Syracuse University to the Atlantic Coast Conference. While collegiate athletic conference realignment is nothing new historically, the circumstances with which these changes are taking place are mainly influenced by money, an issue that was not as prevalent in years past.

  • BIG EAST TV Schedules Released: Where to Click for Blue Demons Hoops

    Oliver PurnellThe BIG EAST Conference announced its 2011-12 men's and women's basketball league and television schedules Wednesday.

August 2011

  • Predicting the Premier League

    With Manchester United's 3-2 come-from-behind victory over their fellow Mancunians done and dusted, the Barclays Premier League will kick off its 20th season on Saturday, Aug. 13, in what promises to be one of the tightest campaigns ever. Here are some predictions for the top six teams for the upcoming season.