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February 2012

  • Enough With The Pudge: Sleeping Away Your Unwanted Pounds

    "Sometime Around Midnight" is not only the name of a song frequently playing on my iPod, but it is also right around the time when we find ourselves saying, "Screw it; I'm starving." It is always late at night when we start consuming large amounts of fatty, unhealthy things. So, what's the solution? Getting sleep!

  • Enough with the Pudge: The Social Aspect

    All of the best conversations between my best friends and I have been over food, unfortunately. Hungry or not, if one of the girls calls "in desperate need of a burger," you can bet I'll be out the door within 30 minutes excited for both the burger and the gossip. Needless to say, it is obvious that the social aspect of eating adds more pounds to the body than just about anything else.

  • Enough with the Pudge: Yesterday's Tomorrow

    College is a place full of new, fun and exciting things. A new, fresh place to grow into the person you are destined to become. New friends that become your second family to laugh and cry with while taking on this new life. However, the new fifteen pounds adding a soft, unwanted, layer to our once, unappreciated, fit bodies, is not so fun and exciting.

August 2011

  • There's Nothing Worse Than A Bad Haircut

    Michael CollinsShove sharp objects under my fingernails. Do the water drip thing on my forehead. Make me watch "Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood" on a transcontinental flight filled with toddlers! Those tortures are temporary, but a REALLY BAD haircut can last for weeks. The emotional scars can last for years.

  • What the El?


    Back in March I went on a little South American adventure and the excitement began before I even got to the airport. My boyfriend Dan and I took the El from the South Loop to O'Hare, which is usually an unpleasant but not altogether too frightening experience. Because we were on a tight schedule and fate enjoys inducing heart palpitations in me, this particular ride did not go as smoothly as anticipated.

July 2011

  • The Big Bad City

    MARISAKNUDSONI moved to the city from the suburbs in May, much to my mother's horror. My mom has long-held, unshakable beliefs on a variety of topics – she is convinced every "pot has its lid" (i.e., there is exactly one person in this world that can make you a suitable life partner), she is certain that "everything happens for a reason," and she knows for a fact that Chicago is the epicenter of danger and evil.