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  • organic cow graphic

    Save your dollar bills: organic food is not better for you

    Everyone experiences that moment of pure disappointment when swinging open the fridge and finding no groceries, let alone something edible.

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  • drone protest

    Obama administration comparable to George W. Bush years

    After some startling political events during President Obama’s term in office, it is amazing the kind of far reaching support he continues to have. Those aware of his political failings argue he is the lesser evil of the two candidates.

  • light up the lakefront

    Congress stalls Violence Against Women Act

    As night fell on Oak Street Beach, an immigrant woman wearing a flowing blue gown walked among 3,000 candles, each commemorating a victim of domestic violence.

  • honey boo boo

    Holla' back girl: 7-year-old Honey Boo Boo winning over our hearts

    If you haven’t fallen in love with Alana Thompson yet, you need to get on the Internet and watch the first season of “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” on TLC. For those of you who have already watched, you might not want to admit it, but this 7-year-old pageant diva is flooding our hearts and taking over social media.

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  • Dependable elevators needed at DePaul

    The tapping of the young woman’s foot begins to increase with each passing second. Her leather black ballet flat impatiently moves up and down. The man standing next to her toys around with his ear buds as if it were a game.

  • Use your charm, not your keyboard

    Times have changed over the years and so has the world of dating. Dating has entered into the electronic realm, evolving into an online option that allows people to find their match online.

  • seth macfarlane emmys

    From "Family Guy" to suit and tie: Seth MacFarlane to host Oscars

    Seth Macfarlane has been chosen as the host for the 2013 Academy Awards, premiering Feb. 5. The 38-year-old actor is known primarily for his voice roles on the shows “Family Guy” and “American Dad.”

  • voting protest

    New voter ID laws to discourage students from voting

    This election year, first-time student voters throughout the U.S. may find that voting is not as easy as they thought it would be.

  • coke soda fat

    Big gulp no more in the Big Apple

    The “sugar ban” in New York has stimulated a cacophony of misinformation, but as an individual living in America, all of these mixed signals on how people should feel should make Americans see only one thing dripping down that red, white and blue – sugar penetrating those freedom stripes.

  • college drinking ap

    When the party is over, student binge drinking poses more problems than fun

    Since most DePaul students do not have classes Fridays, “Thirsty Thursday” is celebrated each week. Some students start partying Thursday, while others party on school nights.

  • McDonald's has a new menu, but the same habbits stay for American consumers

    Big changes have rocked the nation’s largest and most popular hamburger chain, McDonald’s. As part of a healthcare bill upheld by the Supreme Court, restaurant chains with more than 20 nationwide locations will have to post calorie information on the menu.

  • Boozing at 'bucks to shift coffeeshop atmosphere

    Having already taken command of the morning, Starbucks now intends to grab the attention of the evening customers after it was announced that a beer and wine menu would now be available with appetizers and other small food items after 4 p.m.  

  • romney protest

    The real Romney? Not so much.

    A recent opinion article titled “The Real Romney” was featured in the DePaulia written by a Mitt Romney supporter that claimed the candidate’s image was distorted. This writer described the presidential hopeful in such a positive manner that it was surprising not to find a Romney campaign sticker at the bottom of the article.

  • Apple's iOS6: a costly improvement

    Apple’s iOS 6 is now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users worldwide. This new OS is packed with over 200 features that will make anyone’s iPhone experience much smoother. The most obvious new additions were the new Maps app and the new Passbook app, both designed by Apple.

  • Privacy invasion of royal couple no issue for paparazzi

    Kate Middleton recently made headlines for something other than being classy. Closer Magazine, a French tabloid publication, published photos showing Middleton sunbathing topless while on a private resort in Chateau d’Autet, France, Sept. 14. Chi, a publication owned by the same publisher of the Closer, released a 26-page photo of the married couple vacationing.

  • fashion week 2012

    Social media bring Fashion Week to the public

    Regardless of who you are, your day-to-day activities, or gender or age; each person has a relationship with clothing in one way or another. For some, there is one week every year that acts as a binding force and progression with their relationship to fashion.

  • mcdonalds veggie

    Meat-free McDonald’s opening in India: Why not in Chicago?

    McDonald’s has decided to take its low-value prices to a new demographic. The company announced Sept. 4 that it will be opening two new vegetarian restaurants in India. The first one is set to open its doors in the city of Amritsar in 2013 followed shortly by another one in the Vaishno Devi cave shrine.

  • Vote 2012: the importance of being registered

    Every day in America, complete strangers make choices based on budget policies and intangible legislation. They decide what the health care options, educational agendas and sexual preferences of a patriotic American should be.

  • ctu once again

    CPS strike an eye-opener for Chicagoans

    After enduring major changes to the Chicago Public School (CPS) system this year, the tension between teachers and city hall hit an all time high. Wearing all red t-shirts and picketing across all of Chicago, the roughly 26,000 teachers in the Chicago Teachers Union went on strike this week.CPS strike

  • mitt romney and wife

    The real Romney

    Willard Mitt Romney, who accepted his nomination as the Republican candidate for President of the United States at the 2012 Republican National Convention, presented himself and his intents for our country with remarkable poise.

  • obama family dnc

    The DNC is keeping the American dream alive

    As the presidential election comes into full swing, the Republican and Democratic conventions have taken over all news sources. The Democratic National Convention (DNC) began Sept. 4 with an array of keynote speakers.

  • Focusing on the present just as important as focusing on the future, experts say

    As the school year begins, it is important to remind students that stressing out about classes and the future can actually cause more harm than good. Worrying keeps students in a constant state of fear and anxiety and hinders any real progress toward the future.

  • Summer 2012 saw a rise in violent crime

    Paranoid feelings, overall uneasiness and an urgency to seek safety have become far too common among Chicago’s South Side residents this past summer with death totals surpassing 300.

  • romney ryan

    An examination of Paul Ryan’s political philosophies

    The Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, promotes questionable values as a flaring necessity for humanistic policies looms overhead. But still, it's not the inclinations of our prospective leader that must be looked at; it's the man that stands behind him, Paul Ryan.

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  • therapy

    Many new college students may benefit from therapy

    Finishing high school and starting college causes huge amounts of stress in young adults. During college, students experience a lot of firsts. This may be from something as simple as doing laundry or cooking -- to something tougher -- as living alone. 

  • crazed fans

    Almost famous: Brett Cohen tricks New York


    One pair of sunglasses, two body guards, and a couple of photographers will apparently make you look like a celebrity in New York City. Brett Cohen, who is a regular 21-year-old college student, attracted crowds in Times Square when he tricked the good people of New York, according to ABC News. 

  • rugby

    Rugby: The real American contact sport

    Rugby is a real sport. It combines physicality, mental toughness, and teamwork all at one time, in a way that no other popular sport in the United States does. The sport is gaining in popularity at the amateur level in the U.S., however it still falters in the wake of American gridiron football.

  • old men

    Old age isn’t what it’s cracked up to be

    Children go around bragging to their parents and friends that they will live until they’re 100. Now their fantasy has become a reality because according to, more than a third of babies born in 2012 will reach their 100th birthday. The question is if this is good or bad news?

  • peta cow and girl

    What should I eat?

    What to eat is a question that haunts us all day long. Whether we are in class or running errands, food is always on our minds. Since we live in a nation where supermarkets are abundant and food is rather cheap, we have trouble making choices.

  • Americans need new role models

    The limousine door gently props open as a perfectly tanned and toned leg gracefully peeks out. As soon as her sky high Christian Louboutin red heeled bottoms hit the red carpet all eyes are on this one woman.

  • Mali’s Ansar Dine want to create Islamic State

    Shrines topple and the innocent flea; as fearful citizens reject the oppression of extreme Islamic forces. On the surface it’s an obvious cause for revolt and another chance for rebel armies overthrow.

  • vigil

    How and why? Answering questions about the Sikh temple shooting in Oak Creek Wisconsin

    The state of Wisconsin was rocked Aug. 5 by the second major violent assault in the United States within two weeks. According to the Associated Press, the attack that took place in Oak Creek, Wisconsin at a Sikh temple and was instigated by Wade Michael Page left six dead and three injured.

  • botox woman

    America’s obsession with unattainable beauty

    David Hume said beauty is based on perception, while Aristotle told the masses it's what gets your foot in the door. Advertisements tell us it's a key factor in success, and mothers believe it's the manifestation of their child.

  • U.S. foreign policy is immoral

    In the July 15 edition of The New York Times, national security reporter Scott Shane wrote an article titled “The Moral Case for Drones.” He questions the widely held assumption that since drones are a more precise, efficient way to target terrorists they are morally superior to other forms of warfare that kill more civilians. However, he neglects to mention the only obvious moral choice: not using violence at all.

  • mitt romney and wife

    Dollars and Sense: Political campaigning disconnects from the American population

    According to the Federal Election Commission (FEC), President Barack Obama has raised $300,134,364 to date, and Mitt Romney has raised $153,537,758. These numbers represent a major disconnect between the American population and the act of campaigning for office.

  • Dark Knight Massacre: Are we to blame?

    The midnight showing of “The Dark Knight” took place across theaters nationwide June 21. The film, surrounding the life of super hero Bruce Wayne, intended to lend privy to the inside world of bat-like heroics and socially acceptable civic involvement. Instead of thrilling audiences with an action packed plotline and onscreen explosions, those trapped inside a Colorado theater left with a real image of terror circulating inside their heads.  

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  • morning joe

    Politically hip? "Morning Joe" not living up to the hype

    In the latest issue of The New York Times Magazine there is a full page spread for the MSNBC talk show "Morning Joe." The ad features co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski walking down a Manhattan street in the fall.

  • Church of Scientology television station future possibility

    The Church of Scientology is working to spread their beliefs by using television, radio, and the Internet, according to the Chicago Tribune.

  • obamacare logo

    ObamaCare: a brighter vision for the future

    The Affordable Care Act, often abbreviated as ACA, was upheld by the Supreme Court Thursday. The set of nine judges was sliced in half with a 5-4 decision that ruled health insurance is a legal requirement. Without one, US citizens will be punished with a payment of a required fee.

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  • Chicago: home of some of the best sports teams and fans

    There truly isn’t a single way to describe the unique nature of the world of sports in Chicago, but hey, one thing is for certain: Chicago is home to the most dedicated and dare I say it overly indulgent sports fans.

  • Is being single healthy?


    Being single definitely has its perks. Nobody calls you to check-in with you while you’re at a bar, or yells at you for flirting with that charming girl or guy. The best part is that you get to do whatever you want, whenever you want. So, what is the problem with this kind of freedom?